The 2018 Mid-Term Elections Begin Right Now!

It’s the Midterm Elections Campaign for 2018 beginning right now!

IF you are a Proud, Patriotic, American Democrat and IF you want an honest, just America for ALL Americans, then you need to get up and get back in the game – NOW!

Get involved. Get the truth and get out the information.

Help us help you help America.

Never give up, never surrender.

Get ON your ASS Whistling Donkeyand Vote Democratic ONLY!

Then help Get Out The Democratic Vote

Remember: a vote for a republican is a vote for the reptiles!

One thought on “The 2018 Mid-Term Elections Begin Right Now!

  1. Do we have any potential candidates to run against McClintock? This needs to be his last term. We need someone moderate enough to bring Republican voters to our side.

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