2017-21 State Party Officers

Rusty Hicks – Chair (2019-2021)
Alexandra “Alex” Gallardo-Rooker – Vice Chair
Daraka Larimore-Hall – Vice Chair
Jenny Bach – Secretary
Dan Weitzman – Controller
Alejandro Carrillo – Regional Director, CDP Region 4 (2019-21)

For information about the 2021 CADEM Assembly District Election Meeting, go HERE.

2021 ADEM (Pending approval during the 2021 January 16th Special CDP Eboard Meeting)

The California Democratic Party  Bylaws (Article VI) provide that an Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMS) be held in each of the 80 California Assembly Districts in January of each odd-numbered year (Saturday, January 09 or Sunday, January 10 and Saturday, January 23 or Sunday, January 24 for 2021) to elect 7 “self-identified female” and 7 “other than self-identified female” to be Assembly District Delegates (ADDs) to represent the Assembly District they are registered in. These elections are open to all California Democrats.

Assembly District Delegates (ADD)  the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) are responsible for planning and attending informational meetings throughout the region and working with other DSCC delegates throughout California to represent their community.

AD Delegates are elected by voters (to participate in the ADEM you MUST be a registered Democrat in that Assembly District).

AD Delegates vote on behalf of the community they represent at CDP Regional Meetings, the California Democratic Party Convention, and those who are also elected to serve as an Executive Board member are responsible for voting and representing their community at the semi-annual E-Board meetings.

Apply to Run for 2021 ADEM (Begins the afternoon of 11/15/2020 after the CDP Eboard Meeting.)

The deadline to apply November 15 – December 15, 2020

Please click here to apply for ADD and if you wish to also run for the EBoard.

Note: If you wish to run for the EBoard position you must specify on your application to run.

Pre-Register to vote in the 2021 ADEM (Begins the afternoon of 11/15/2020 after the CDP Eboard Meeting.)

The deadline to pre-register for a vote by mail ballot is January 11, 2021

Note: If you are running as a candidate your application to run also allows you to pre-register to vote. You do not need to complete this pre-registration form if you have applied to run.

Apply or Register HERE

CDP Code of Conduct


2019-20 CDP Executive Board Assembly District 5 Representative
Michael Saunders – Cool (El Dorado)

CDP Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM) AD 5 2019 Conveners

2017-19 Amy Champ – Regional Director CDP Region 4
Amy Champ – AD 5 North Jackson (Amador County)
Susan Rowe – AD 5 South Oakhurst (Madera County)

2019 and 2020 CDP Convention Assembly District Delegates (ADDs) AD 5 (AD 5 includes all or parts of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado (partial), Mariposa, Madera, Mono, Placer (partial) & Tuolumne Counties.)

Self-Identified Female

Elaine Hagen – Tuolumne (Tuolumne)
Kim Monson – Mariposa (Mariposa)
Janet Bell – Auburn (Placer)
Sarah Saunders – Cool (El Dorado)
Kathleen Barco – Placerville (El Dorado)
Ellyn Donovan – Placerville (El Dorado)
Patricia Pava – Shingle Springs (El Dorado)

Male/Other than Self-Identified Female

Josh Lewis – Volcano (Amador)
Matt Hagen – Tuolumne (Tuolumne)
Bob Vizzard – Newcastle (Placer)
John E. Savage – Placerville (El Dorado)
Michael Saunders – Cool (El Dorado) AD 5 E-Board Representative
Felipe Grimaldo – Madera Ranchos (Madera)
Estevan Gutierrez – Madera (Madera)


2017-18 CDP Executive Board Assembly District 5 Representative
Lowell Young – Mariposa (Mariposa County)

CDP Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM) AD 5 2017 Conveners

2013-17 Martha Gamez – Regional Director CDP Region 4
Elizabeth (Liz) McCulloch – AD 5 North Jackson (Amador County)
Susan Rowe – AD 5 South Oakhurst (Madera County)

2017 and 2018 CDP Convention Assembly District Delegates (ADDs) AD 5 (AD 5 includes all or parts of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado (partial), Mariposa, Madera, Mono, Placer (partial) & Tuolumne Counties.)


Jenna Beck – Ione (Amador)
Janet Bell – Auburn (Placer)
Kathryn L. Broderick (Gallino aka Castell-Blanch) – Valley Springs (Calaveras)
Amy Champ – Plymouth (Amador)
Carla J. Neal – Madera Ranchos (Madera)
Anne E. Scott – Coarsegold (Madera)
Carey R. Wilson – Coarsegold (Madera)


Santos Garcia – Madera (Madera)
Felipe Grimaldo – Madera Ranchos (Madera)
Peter Leinau – Oakhurst (Madera)
Donald W. Nielsen – Madera Ranchos (Madera)
Mike Patterson – South Lake Tahoe (El Dorado)
Scott Williams – Ione (Amador)
Lowell Young – Mariposa (Mariposa) AD 5 E-Board 

Map CA AD 5 ADEM Locations North Jackson (Amador County) and South Oakhurst (Madera County) For more about AD 5 go here and here and here and here.

Over lapping districts within the sierra foothills of AD 5 are State Senate Districts 1, 4, 8 and 12 (central valley) and Congressional Districts 1, 4, 8 and 16 (central valley).

STATE OF CALIFORNIA CITIZENS REDISTRICTING COMMISSION FINAL REPORT ON 2011 REDISTRICTING AUGUST 15, 2011 (pages 27, 29): For Northern California and the mountainous Sierra foothills regions, the Commission responded to public testimony asking us to separate more sparsely populated, rural regions from densely populated, urban areas. The 19 counties north of Sacramento span approximately a third of California’s land, yet make up fewer than 5% of its residents, for a population density of 35 persons/square mile. In comparison, San Francisco has a population density of over 17,000 persons/square mile.  […] For the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast regions, the Commission responded to public testimony asking us to respect the mountain range in between the two regions, with only one exception (the Senate district drawn to comply with the Section 5 benchmarks for Merced and Monterey Counties, which connected inland Merced County with the eastern part of Monterey County and San Benito County). The Tehachapi Mountains in the south also separate the Central Valley from Los Angeles County, and the Commission was able to honor this major boundary between regions. There was conflicting testimony about separating the communities of the Central Valley floor with that of the foothills and Sierras to the east, so the Commission further struck a balance maintaining the separations and connections between the Valley floor and these communities. Issues of water use, agriculture and urban economies, transportation routes, and environmental concerns framed much of the public testimony.  […] AD 5 includes the whole counties of Madera, Mariposa, Mono, Tuolumne, Calaveras, Alpine, Amador, western El Dorado County and a small portion of Placer County. This is a “foothill district” that keeps together communities from South Lake Tahoe through the foothills and Sierra Nevada Mountains including the El Dorado National Forest, Stanislaus National Forest, Mt. Whitney, and Mammoth Lakes. It reflects shared interests reflected in public testimony around issues such as weather, watershed, fire and recreation united around the transportation corridor of Highway 49 which runs north and south along the Sierra foothills. El Dorado County is split above Folsom Lake to distinguish the communities in the foothills from the greater Sacramento area.

Voter Registration for AD 05
County Democratic Republican No Party Pref. Amer. Elect Amer. Ind. Green Libertarian Peace & Freedom Other Total
Alpine 312 205 200 0 25 5 6 2 3 758
Amador 6,423 9,812 4,619 0 942 102 295 61 51 22,305
Calaveras 8,099 12,264 6,920 0 1,345 188 447 94 234 29,591
El Dorado 22,970 29,277 18,726 0 3,304 567 1,083 251 604 76,782
Madera 18,129 22,114 14,349 0 1,786 161 437 204 238 57,418
Mariposa 3,051 4,617 2,394 0 417 85 121 30 138 10,853
Mono 2,280 2,011 1,892 0 257 53 66 29 9 6,597
Placer 4,260 5,742 3,371 0 483 82 218 38 62 14,256
Tuolumne 9,396 13,190 7,513 0 1,237 177 362 88 36 31,999
Total 74,920 99,232 59,984 0 9,796 1,420 3,035 797 1,375 250,559
Source: California Secretary of State; Data as of 2018-10-22

District Voter Registration as of 2018-10-22

  • Dems – 74,920 (29.9%)
  • Reps – 99,232 (39.6%)
  • NPP – 59,984 (23.9%)
  • Other – 16,423 (29.9%)

2018 General election CA State Assembly District 5

  • Frank Bigelow (R) 59.9%
  • Carla Neal (D) 40.1%
2018 Primary CA State Assembly District 5
  • Frank Bigelow (R) 62.4%
  • Carla Neal (D) 37.6%
2018 Gubernatorial Race (General election)
  • Gavin Newsom (D) 39.8%
  • John H. Cox (R) 60.2%
2016 Presidential Race (General election)
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 38.5%
  • Donald Trump (R) 54.8%

2014 Gubernatorial Race (General election)

  • Edmund G. (“Jerry”) Brown, Jr. (D) 44.1%
  • Neel Kashkari (R) 55.9%

2012 Presidential Race (General election)

  • Barack Obama (D) 41.3%
  • Mitt Romney (R) 55.9%