Chartered Clubs

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Chartered Clubs of the Madera County Democratic Central Committee

Democratic Club of Coarsegold
Meeting Location: Yosemite Lakes Park Clubhouse Library
30250 Yosemite Springs Parkway, Coarsegold, CA 93614
Meeting Time: 1:30pm – First Sunday of each month
Facebook: DemocraticClubOfCoarsegold
Contact: DCOC Treasurer, Janet Fjellbo 559.642.4511
Chartered since August 10, 2003 [Bylaws] (inactive)

Madera (city) Democratic Club
Meeting Location varies: Madera Public Library
121 North G Street, Madera, CA 93637
Meeting Time: 6:00pm – Last Wednesday of each month
Facebook: maderademocraticclub
Contact: MDC President, Martha Garcia 559.232.0750
Chartered since March 25, 2004 [Bylaws] [MDC MEMBERSHIP FORM]

North Fork Democratic Club
Contact: 559.658.7343
Mailing Address: 28481 Copper Creek Drive, Coarsegold, CA 93614
Chartered since May 12, 2005 [Bylaws] (dormant)

Oakhurst Democratic Club
Meeting Location varies: Oakhurst Public Library and via Zoom
49044 Civic Circle Drive, Oakhurst, CA 93644
Meeting Time: 10:00am –  Second Saturday of each month
Facebook: YosemiteDems
Main contact: ODC Secretary/Treasurer, Karen Neklason 510.209.1059
Chartered since September 12, 2002 [Bylaws]

Southeastern Madera Democratic Club
Location: Madera Ranchos and Bonadelle areas of Madera County
Facebook group: SoutheasternMaderaDemocraticClub
Contact: Community Organizer, Stephen A. Smith 559.286.5788

Want help organizing a Chartered Club in your area of Madera County?
Contact: MCDCC Chair, Bill Fjellbo 559.706.5426

All California Democrats are welcome to join any or all of our local Chartered Democratic Clubs!

Guidelines (Yearly/Newly Chartering/Affiliation for Clubs or Organizations)

Pursuant to the California Elections Code, all Democratic clubs/organizations operating in California are required to obtain a charter.

1. Copy of Current Bylaws with a mission statement
2. List of Current Officers and their contact information.
3. Clubs: List-minimum 20 primary members & contact information that live within their stated geographic location of service. Organizations: List-primary members & contact information that live within their stated location of service.
4. Location, time & day of the month for their monthly meetings and contact information for the public.
5. Charter/Affiliation Fees: $1.00 (yearly)
6. Charter/Affiliation Due: Within 30 days after a written yearly request from the MCDCC Chair.

Note: Please submit any changes in Bylaws or Officers to the MCDCC Chair within 30 days of the changes.

Want to help young people in your local area of Madera County open a California Young Democrats Chapter? Here is how your local Chartered Democratic Club Members can do it…

If your local Chartered Democratic Club membership in Madera County wants to strengthen your young voters’ sense of connection between themselves. Your Chartered Democratic Club can adopt a bylaws line that says “whenever this club has at least 10 members from ages 14-35, they shall be considered the [club’s name] Young Democrats and the club shall pay the chartering fees for their Young Democrats with the California Young Democrats. This group from ages 14-35 shall receive dual membership for the single club membership fee.”

The California Young Democrats is the official youth arm of the California Democratic Party, comprised of progressive people ages 14-35. The California Young Democrats are committed to creating a bloc of young voters who will elect Democrats for an entire generation. Using proven Peer to Peer campaign methods, Young Democrats have made significant differences in races all over California. Young Democrats in California work everyday to promote social justice, women’s rights, peace and stability in the world, and many other progressive values. How to Start a CYD Chapter.