The California Law establishes County Central Committees as representative bodies for the Democratic Party to be elected during a presidential primary election from Supervisorial Districts within each county.

Presently the Madera County Democratic Central Committee aka the Madera County Democratic Party (2021-2024) is allowed 22 seats to be filled from Madera County’s five supervisorial districts; those seats are based on the percentage of the Democratic votes that were cast within each supervisorial district for Governor in the 2018 general election. The 22 seats allowed per District are: District #1 – 4 Members, District #2 – 4 Members, District #3 – 5 Members, District #4 – 3 Members and District #5 – 6 Members.

To be elected, candidates must be residents and registered Democratic voters of the County Supervisorial District during the 2018 Gubernatorial Election they wish to represent and must take out and return nomination papers from the County Election Office to be signed by at least 20 residents who are registered as Democrats in their Supervisorial District. No filing fee is required. When the number of candidates is equal to or less than the number of seats in a district, those candidates are “automatically” elected. When the number of candidates exceeds the number of seats in a district, the candidates appear on the primary ballot for that district, to be elected by the Democrats in that district. Whenever vacancies exist the seats may be filled by appointment of this committee and qualified for the vacancy by this committee’s Chair.  Appointee qualifications are: 1) A continuous resident and an uninterrupted registered Democratic voter of the county supervisor district they wish to represent and who would have qualified for the ballot at same time as the current elected members, 2) Must attend two consecutive regular committee meetings and, 3) Must be nominated and accepted by a vote of this committee’s Members.  All members, elected and/or appointed by law are to take an oath or affirmation of their official seat and may be sworn in by the Madera County Clerk, the Assistant Madera County Clerk for Elections or before this committee’s Chairperson, the immediate predecessor of this committee’s Chairperson or a designee of this committee’s Chairperson or his or her immediate predecessor. Members may also designate an Alternate who meets the same eligibility requirements to represent them in their absence. Officers and this committee’s DSCC representatives are elected for a term of four years at this committee’s reorganizational meeting -only elected members are eligible to vote during this internal election; adhoc committee members are appointed by the Chair.

County Democratic Central Committees do not receive any public funding nor do the Members receive publicly funded salaries. All Members and Officers of this committee are grassroots volunteers, they attend meetings, events and activities of this committee, the Democratic National Committee(DNC), the Democratic State Central Committee(DSCC) or the California Democratic Council(CDC) at their own expense. Yearly dues for this committee are $24.00 and $12.00 Seniors (65+ years) to be paid at the first meeting of the year in January.

This committee has no employees.

Campaign and operational expenses for this committee are paid for by individual contributions from our supporters and membership dues. This committee receives no monetary contributions or monetary funding from the Democratic National Committee, any Democratic State Central Committee, any other County Central Committee or any Candidate’s committee.

The purpose of a County Democratic Central Committee is to:

1. Direct Democratic Party election campaign efforts in Madera County.

2. Develop operating strategies.

3. Participate in the State Party’s platform development, conventions, meetings, trainings, elections, pre-endorsements & caucuses.

4. Increase Democratic voter registration.

5. Perform duties and services for the benefit of the Democratic Party which may include fundraising, tabling, assisting chartered Democratic clubs and organizations and party endorsed campaigns.

6. Endorse, recruit and encourage potential Democratic Candidates to run for office.

MCDCC Bylaws

CDP Bylaws and 2020 Platform

DNC Bylaws and 2020 Platform

CDC Bylaws and Platform 

Roberts Rules of Order

The Madera County Democratic Central Committee is an affiliate member of the California Democratic Council. The Chair of the Madera County Democratic Central Committee shall be a member of the CA Federation of Democratic County Central Committee Chairs and Members.

The Madera County Democratic Central Committee has 4 chartered clubs: The Democratic Club of Coarsegold, The Madera (City) Democratic Club, The North Fork Democratic Club and The Oakhurst Democratic Club.

Chartered Clubs

Democratic Club of Coarsegold
Chartered since August 10, 2003

Madera (City) Democratic Club
Chartered since March 25, 2004

North Fork Democratic Club
Chartered since May 12, 2005

Oakhurst Democratic Club
Chartered since September 12, 2002