Madera County DCC Members & Officers

MCDCC Monthly Meetings
3rd Thursday of the month @ 6:00 PM
Please call Chair for location in Madera, CA 93637

MCDCC Officers 2017-20
Chair – Susan Rowe
Vice Chair – Bill Fjellbo
Treasurer – Kathy Eisele
Secretary – Marilyn Pruitt

MCDCC Members 2017-20

County Supervisorial District 1 (4)
Felipe Grimaldo appointed (AD 5 ADEM DSCC Delegate)
Billie Jelks-Hood elected (MCDCC DSCC Delegate)
Carla J. Neal elected (DSCC Delegate Ex-Officio Appointment)
Stephen A. Smith elected (MCDCC DSCC Delegate)

County Supervisorial District 2 (4)
James A. “Lex” Bufford elected (MCDCC DSCC Delegate)
Judy Hickey appointed

County Supervisorial District 3 (5)
Kathleen M. “Kathy” Eisele – Officer elected (MCDCC DSCC Delegate)
Steven Monte appointed
Olga Paz Garcia appointed
Marilyn Pruitt – Officer appointed 
Alexander E. Salazar appointed

County Supervisorial District 4 (3)
Martha Castellon De Garcia appointed (Neal DSCC Delegate Appointment)
Jose Santos Garcia elected (Miranda DSCC Delegate out of district Appointment)

County Supervisorial District 5 (7)
William W. Fjellbo – Officer elected (MCDCC DSCC Delegate – EBoard Representative & CDC Delegate)
Peter Leinau appointed
Michael E. Rowe appointed
Susan Marie Smith-Rowe – Officer elected (MCDCC DSCC Delegate & CDC Delegate)

Ex-Officios, Ex-Officio Alternates & DSCC Appointments
1/2019 – 12/2020
AD 5: Carla Jean Neal (DSCC Delegate Ex-Officio Appointment)
AD 5: Martha Garcia (Neal DSCC Delegate Appointment)
CD 4: Jessica Morris (DSCC Delegate and MCDCC Ex-Officio Appointment)
CD 16: Jim Costa (DSCC Delegate and MCDCC Ex-Officio Appointment)
CD 16: Dezie Woods-Jones (Costa MCDCC Alternate)
CD 16: Andrew Medellin (Costa DSCC Delegate Appointment)
Rev. Carl L. Jones (Party Leadership DSCC Delegate Appointment)
1/2019 – 12/2022
SD 8: Paulina Miranda (DSCC Delegate and MCDCC Ex-Officio Appointment)
SD 8: Santos Garcia (Miranda DSCC Delegate out of district Appointment)
SD 12: Anna Caballero (DSCC Delegate and MCDCC Ex-Officio Appointment)
SD 12: Violet Grimaldo (Caballero MCDCC Alternate)
1/2019 – 12/2020
Estevan Gutierrez – Madera (Madera) (AD 5 ADEM DSCC Delegate)
Felipe Grimaldo – Madera Ranchos (Madera) (AD 5 ADEM DSCC Delegate)

NOTE: County Democratic Central Committees do not receive any public funding nor do the Members receive publicly funded salaries. All Members and Officers of this committee are grassroots volunteers, they attend meetings, events and activities of this committee, the Democratic National Committee(DNC), the Democratic State Central Committee(DSCC) or the California Democratic Council(CDC) at their own expense. This committee has no employees. Campaign and operational expenses for this committee are paid for by individual contributions from our supporters and membership dues. This committee receives no monetary contributions or monetary funding from the Democratic National Committee, any Democratic State Central Committee, any other County Central Committee or any Candidate’s committee.