Candidate Beau Campbell’s Statement Regarding Hit Piece Mailer

Below is Democratic Candidate Beau Campbell’s statement in response to a Fresno Bee Reporter’s inquiry to him regarding the GOP’s candidate hit piece mailer targeting local citizens that was sent to area voters in Madera County Supervisor District 5…

“Most recently a disturbing mailer to voters was circulated throughout our Mountain Community. At first saw it, I thought it was a prank or simple elementary school hijinks. I have with purpose chosen to run my campaign without the use of such personal attacks or personal insults such as the ones that I have recently seen. I was told by a member of the one of the local national organizations that, “You seem to nice to be a politician” I replied I can and will speak up on those tough conversations. So here we are.

As a Madera County Board of Supervisor County District # 5 Candidate, a husband of 44 years, father of 8 beautiful gifted children and 10 grandchildren, and on behalf the Eastern Madera County Citizens and my voting constituents. I am compelled to speak out against anyone or group who would specifically target and single out women and the least of our community able to protect themselves and stand up.

It is at times like this that strong united leadership is required. Experience has taught us all that throughout history, our democracy and the true will of the people has been challenged Silence allows injustice to prevail. The people or person behind the potentially violent and the apprehensible offensive flyer should be held accountable and totally responsible for those actions especially should harm be caused.

Every citizen in this county has a duty, right and responsibility to speak out against this type of behavior. Go to the polls and vote with your voices loudly or forever suffer in silence.

As the father of seven daughters and a husband I am openly and publicly stating that my opponent was wrong for targeting specifically and intentionally attempting to silence and intimidate women and specific members of our community.

I have spoken with Mark Reed personally and we have had civil and enlightening civil discourse. He represented himself as an experienced candidate, Businessman and family man. I never imagined that a gentleman like himself would then say or print words that would intentionally cause women or children to feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

He has often stated many times openly and privately that he was responsible for the security and eluded that he was fiscally responsible for his entire family.

He stated many times that he thought that I was a nice person as well however he disagreed with some of my political positions without ever asking me what they actually were.

I am unequivocally and unapologetically against violence toward women, no matter what their personal political preferences or ideologies might me. A strong secure leader and truly confident man and father would easily and unabashedly stand up for and protect against such acts.

As we move closer to election, I wish each of my opponents luck and that overly ambitious efforts to win do not overshadow your their efforts. By secret ballot and right and privilege I will vote my conscience and pray that all others registered voters are afforded the exact same right. I remember when my opponent Mark Reed called me for the first time early in the campaign; We each agreed that that if I was successful he would work along sided together to solve some of the counties important issues. I promised to do the same in exchange. It harder and harder to consider remotely to support the words choices or actions expressed by my opponent.”

“Sometimes WE have to be the change that THEY speak about”

Madera County Board Of Supervisors District # 5 Candidate 2022


2022 VOTE June 7th! (CA Gubernatorial Primary)

Beau Campbell, Madera County Board of Supervisor District 5

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